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Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm BACKKKKK & DIY Jewelry

I am backkkkkk! I know I've been super MIA for the longest time ever but I am officially back. I totally miss blogging & sharing bits & pieces of my life with you all. I have been well..still planning the big wedding, we've officially set our date 06-16-12!! It's all getting so exciting! He proposed on 12/18/09...and after all of this time, we officially and FINALLY chose a date! It has been definitely a roller coaster ride these past two years financially. A lot of things have changed for us, getting a home, remodeling the entire house & planning for our big event.

Anyhow, enough with the boring talk of my current events in my life, yadie yadie yadie blah blah blah....

here is a post showing what I've been completely obsessed with as of late!

DIY jewelry!

I have been really enjoying making a lot of jewelry lately. It's been so much fun and such a safe, productive, crafty & creative hobby for me. I am currently in the midst of making my sister a bunch of jewelry and will have a couple as a giveaway to my viewers/readers.

Hope you stay tuned & for those of you that still follow me, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart <3

xox Susie

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Howdy doody bloggers & blogettes!

I have been slowly but surely planning this wedding of ours and boy oh boy can it be quite a handful. Thankfully, fiance is pretty involved just as much as I am. Although it's not til a year away, I feel good in knowing that we can plan as early as possible to save us the stress and trouble of cramming last minute. You know what I mean?

On Saturday, we spent a portion of our day bridesmaid dress shopping and I am relieved to say I have selected two dresses that I am settled on! They are beautiful and the color is so pretty! With the church booked, the venue booked, and the bridesmaid dresses chosen, I feel better already. Now next on my list of to-do's is to pay for the florist!

I am slowly getting to the beast of it all - CHOOSING THE RIGHT DRESS! How exciting?!

Outfit details:
Top - Rave
Skirt & Belt - Forever 21
Shoes - Steve Madden
Purse - Vintage (thrifted)
Watch - Walmart
Black Bracelet - F21

The rapture didn't occur & we're all still alive!! Celebrate LIFE!!



Friday, May 6, 2011

Sparkles and Hot Pink

Today was a nice sunny and breezy day. I woke up so late today at exactly 1:09pm ..Can you believe it? I've been staying up til about 3am the past week every single night so imagine how tired I have been lately..

Fiance and I went to check out another venue for our wedding but it's a no-go so we have made up our minds on this one place to just call it a day and not bother hunting around anymore..we're going to put the deposit for the place tomorrow :)

Top: Vintage (thrifted)
Pink Shorts: Forever21
Shoes: Betsey Johnson
Bag: Thrifted

Friday, April 29, 2011

I see faux Cheetah

Today Fiance and I had to wake up early for an appointment with a priest at a nearby church to set our wedding date. I decided to wear this outfit because I was under the impression that it would be a nice sunny warm day. Well, it was a nice sunny day alright just not warm. It ended up being cool and pretty windy to say the least. I was mistakenly fooled as tomorrow would be the day I predicted today would be. Ah well, lesson learned.

It did end up being a very productive day after all. We booked the church, got a tour of the entire church property we'll be renting. We also went to see a local florist to see some sample invitations. Then we went to check out another restaurant for the reception to be held at. We found the one we want that we both believe will seat enough guests for our special night.

Next thing on my to-do list within the very near future leading to our (my) big day is: EXERCISE!

Outfit details:
Black V-neck top, boots, shorts - F21
Gold Watch - Walmart
Gold bracelet - JCrew (gifted by Jackie <3)
Small white gold bracelet - Gifted by mommy which I'll never ever take off
Handbag - Thrifted

P.S. I'm so excited now that the date is set!

Hope everyone is having a teRRRific weekend :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Florals and Cream Blends

This was an outfit I wore last Friday. I had to drop off my fiance at the tattoo parlor as he was getting some more tattoos to add to his sleeve. It's pretty surreal how it turned out because he actually got my face on his arm. To be honest, it looks a whole lot like me surprisingly. I think it even looks better - lol. So while he was getting more details to his sleeve, I went to the mall nearby to "browse" and also exchange some shorts I purchased for him the evening before.

The shoes in these pictures I am absolutely IN-LOVE with. I purchased two pairs in the same day. One for me and one for my sister. I then thought about purchasing a third pair AS A BACKUP but decided not to so instead I got the other color (gold).


Anyways hope you enjoy this outfit of the day :o)

p.s. I have to take a picture in the mirror since I don't have a personal photographer..

Silk Top - Marshall's
Inside Tank - JCrew
Pants - Love Culture
Belt - H&M
Floral Purse -Primark (given to me by my lovely sister)
Shoes - Forever21
Blinged out Hello Kitty phone case - Ebay (haha)

Have a good one everyone!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Better late than never!

Today's outfit of the day was long long overdue! I've always been meaning to dedicate my blog to fashion outfit of the day posts but have been finding myself putting it off. I moved in March 2009 and have always told myself prior to moving that I would photograph my outfits and devote more time to my blog. It is obviously 2 years later and I haven't been keeping that promise. Better late than never, right? To be honest, my camera quality is horrid but at least I can still capture photos of outfits before I ever invest in a better quality camera. Outfit details at the end. Hope you enjoy!

Top: Rory Beca for Forever 21

Cami: Forever 21

Shorts: Forever 21

Tights: Hue

Shoes: Aldo

Handbag: TJ Maxx (Mystique)

Jewelry: Forever 21 & Claire's

Thanks for reading and hope you all enjoyed this post. More to come in the future :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Wet N' Wild Color Icon Trios & Swatches

Swatches of Wet N/ Wild eyeshadows! I purchased 'Walking on Eggshells' & 'don't steal my thunder' from Walgreens. The rest are from Rite Aid.

These retail for $2.99 (not sure if this differs based on your location). I got them all pretty much for $1.99 cause I bought them on sale.

Overall expectations: I think these are GREAT eyeshadows especially for the price! Absolutely wonderful pigmentation. Some can be chalky but some also make up for it because of the metallic payoff.

I feel like W N' W is really expanding their color collection and I really love that!

Compared to the holiday palettes, I totally would have to say that the trios incredibly surpass the holiday collection! I don't even reach for the holiday collection palettes at all & can't even remember the last time I did!

Feel free to watch my latest Wet N' Wild video here :o)

Anyways, hope you enjoyed! Happy Friday all :)

You all are the **BEST**!!

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