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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Black Hair and 2 highly recommended Revlon Lip Products

Omg! I've been gone for a little longer than I planned. Well, Merry Belated Christmas to everyone and Happy Belated New Years!

I certainly hope everyone has had an incredible holiday season.

Here's a new video I just created a couple of hours ago talking about my being MIA, new developments, and recommended Revlon Products.

I tried to record in HD but youtube was taking foreeeeeeever to upload so I downgraded to VGA resolution. But I will play around with it and hopefully, in the next future videos, the quality will be what I paid for :)

p.s. Just wana give a shout-out to my subbies. Thank You all so much for following me! I'm really grateful to have an audience who appreciates my updates. It feels so lovely :)


  1. I recently dyed my hair back to black as well. I just happened to pick the super darkest black. lol I just figured ..oh it will fade after a month. LOL, it's been 2 months it has not faded! My little sister saw me and asked if I was wearing a wig, and I just said yes, thank you for asking. haha

    I like the dramatic black tho, I think it's edgy :)

    Have a great rest of the weekend girl!



  2. Hey girl! I am glad to see you are back :) Love the hair, its so purtyy :)

  3. Congrats for your engagement :D

  4. I think your hair looks better dark! Congratulations on your engagement! =)


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