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Monday, November 23, 2009

Hair advice! Feedback Please!

New hair color and hair advice on bangs.

I've been wanting to try side-swept bangs for the longest time. I'm so scared to chop off my long bangs. Do you guys think I'll look okay with short side swept bangs?

Kinda like this (OMG! She's so gorge!!!! Ayumi Hamasaki!!!):

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Makeup Hauls (accumulated).......

EDIT: OMG! I just realized I disabled my comments link for this entry as well as the previous one :-( . I just enabled them now. Sorry!

Hi Y'all! I know it's been a while since I've had a real post but here is one! Hehe.......
I've been wanting to get a new camera but I haven't come to a decision if I should or not. Anyways..here are some beauty products I have bought over the past couple of weeks:

You know I was watching some of my old videos including this one and realized how boring and monotone I sound. My voice and gestures really is not like this in person. I need to add some more "life" to my videos. haha.......sorry for the lack of humor :(

Eyes Lips Face "The Beauty Encyclopedia" for $5.00 at Target. I'm telling you this is one of the ABSOLUTE BEST $5.00 I have ever spent.
The colors are SO intensely pigmented with just one swipe!!!! Watch my YT video above for swatches. I LOVE this palette. I didn't even think it would be THAT pigmented because it's so cheap but I was super duper impressed!!
Here are a couple of MAC items I actually got recently. Two of the eye shadows I got because I recycled 12 items of MAC products that I no longer use.
Spectacle, Go, Plushglass, and Lipglass were bought at CCO's
This pic is a little blurry
Here's a clearer picty. Note: Spectacle is so much prettier in person. The camera does not do it any justice.
NYX Swatches. (Typo..i meant *Strawberry Milk*)
Desert and Sweetheart are smelly lip glosses. I am not fond of that at all. (Typo again *the "T" key is being stubborn*..i meant *Strawberry Milk*)
Pixi by Petra available at Target for only $9.99


Thanks for reading y'all! Have a fabulous week ahead :-)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

HI EVERYONE!! It's been a little while since I posted an entry. Happy Belated Halloween! Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and received lots of treats :-)


Pearl Pigment Swatches
These are really loose shimmer shadows and have good color payoff depending on which ones you purchase. They tend to have a lot of fall-out which I am not at all fond of but I expected that when I purchased them anyways. I just thought they'd be nice to put on top of a similar eyeshadow color to help intensify it.

Mocha and Walnut are my favorite! Very beautiful!

These DON'T smell (I can't stand smelly lip stuff) and they aren't sticky. Color payoff is great also.

Whipped is a peachy-neutral color
Sorbet is a pinky color

Geo Angel Gray contacts from prettyandcute.com
So my sister told me about this contacts site since she ordered them, received them, tried them and was super impressed with the service and results. I immediately ordered mine and must say they have SUPER FAST SHIPPING and extremely affordable prices.. LOVE IT!
I will definitely order from there again!!!!!!!

Mine are prescription and they last a year!!!! I paid 1/3rd the price I normally pay for contacts. How awesome is THAT??????????
Look at the cute case they sent me with my order! I had NO idea I was even getting this case.

Panasonic Eyelash curler
I do not like this product.
Melts away my mascara
Also feels cheap and doesn't seem durable
Curl doesn't last long and definitely doesn't curl as good as my shiseido curler :-(

You all are the **BEST**!!

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