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Friday, April 29, 2011

I see faux Cheetah

Today Fiance and I had to wake up early for an appointment with a priest at a nearby church to set our wedding date. I decided to wear this outfit because I was under the impression that it would be a nice sunny warm day. Well, it was a nice sunny day alright just not warm. It ended up being cool and pretty windy to say the least. I was mistakenly fooled as tomorrow would be the day I predicted today would be. Ah well, lesson learned.

It did end up being a very productive day after all. We booked the church, got a tour of the entire church property we'll be renting. We also went to see a local florist to see some sample invitations. Then we went to check out another restaurant for the reception to be held at. We found the one we want that we both believe will seat enough guests for our special night.

Next thing on my to-do list within the very near future leading to our (my) big day is: EXERCISE!

Outfit details:
Black V-neck top, boots, shorts - F21
Gold Watch - Walmart
Gold bracelet - JCrew (gifted by Jackie <3)
Small white gold bracelet - Gifted by mommy which I'll never ever take off
Handbag - Thrifted

P.S. I'm so excited now that the date is set!

Hope everyone is having a teRRRific weekend :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Florals and Cream Blends

This was an outfit I wore last Friday. I had to drop off my fiance at the tattoo parlor as he was getting some more tattoos to add to his sleeve. It's pretty surreal how it turned out because he actually got my face on his arm. To be honest, it looks a whole lot like me surprisingly. I think it even looks better - lol. So while he was getting more details to his sleeve, I went to the mall nearby to "browse" and also exchange some shorts I purchased for him the evening before.

The shoes in these pictures I am absolutely IN-LOVE with. I purchased two pairs in the same day. One for me and one for my sister. I then thought about purchasing a third pair AS A BACKUP but decided not to so instead I got the other color (gold).


Anyways hope you enjoy this outfit of the day :o)

p.s. I have to take a picture in the mirror since I don't have a personal photographer..

Silk Top - Marshall's
Inside Tank - JCrew
Pants - Love Culture
Belt - H&M
Floral Purse -Primark (given to me by my lovely sister)
Shoes - Forever21
Blinged out Hello Kitty phone case - Ebay (haha)

Have a good one everyone!

You all are the **BEST**!!

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