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Friday, April 2, 2010

Makeup Haul & 40 Beauty Questions Tag (so overdue)

Hi People! Omg, I've been so inactive for wayyyy too long, huh? Sorry, I've had terrrrible allergies lately and was MIA because I've been traveling between San Francisco, LA, and Philadelphia. So, I've been a busy busy little bee. Anywhoodles, I have two videos that I'd like to share. The first is just a culmination of makeup stuffs that I've been accumulating. The second is the 40 Beauty Questions that I got tagged on. I actually posted this on my YT channel a while back but never got around to posting on here. Hope you lovelies enjoy:

I made the shoulder detailing on the above video. Isn't it cute? I'd like to think so! Hehe :)

And of course, Picty's for the picty lovers :-)
P.S. - I curled my hair in the below pics with the CONAIR Instant Heat Curlers that I did a video post on down below in one of my previous entries (02/24).

Til next time, beautifuls!


  1. You look ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! You are getting prettier and prettier everyday!

  2. I love your lenses :) I've been addicted to the look of circle lenses

  3. you are too cute! and your hair look fab!

  4. Oh i love your hair. Looks great with the face of your shape. I can't believe you made the detailing on your shoulder! That's super talented of you!

  5. Where did you get that key necklace? I LOVE IT! =)


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