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Saturday, November 6, 2010


Howdy folks! Hope everyone has been well! Happy Belated Halloweenie to everyone! My halloween wasn't too pleasant. I spent $87.00 on tickets to a massive halloween party in the city at a club which was 5 stories. I was so eager to attend and especially more so because of the company that I was going to be with. Up until approximately 4 hours before the event kicked off, I began not feeling so well :( runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes! I think I was allergic to my friend's room-mates cats (she has two of them). I took two benadryls in an attempt to alleviate the reaction but it didn't help & it only made things worse because I was extremely sleepy from the medicine. I fell asleep to the club, ALMOST (so close) to falling asleep in the club, and I fell asleep coming home from the club. What a night I tell ya! I did see some really amazing and creative costumes though! What was I by the way? I was a fairy. And by fairy, I don't mean the promiscuous kind in any way. If anything, let's just say that I was completely and entirely overdressed compared to pretty much everyone else in the club. I didn't buy a costume persay, I just wore a dress I had with some fairy wings and accessories. I hope everyone had a great halloween!

I REALLY wanted the MAC Venomous Villains Bite of an apple blush but unfortunately did not make it quick enough to the MAC counter to grab one. I know this was a limited time collection but does anyone know if MAC continues to sell limited time products for a certain amount of time after a new collection has already been released? I REALLY want this blush :(
MAC Disney Venomous Villains 2010 fall Bite of an apple Beauty Powder MAC Venomous Villains Makeup Collection for Fall 2010 – New Promo Photos

Fiance and I are in the midst of moving so hopefully once we do, I will have more time to blog and film videos. For space purposes and lighting reasons, I can't update as much and often as I'd like right now. Plus, my schedule at work has been changing and I haven't been adjusting as gracefully as I would have liked.

If anyone is interested in this DIY body harness that you see in the photos above, please leave a comment and I will create a video on how you can make one for yourself!
It's so super easy, quick, and simple! All you need is the supplies :)

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Welcome back! Sure, would love to see the DIY body harness. I have never heard of such a thing but you look very sexy in it.

    So sorry to hear about your Halloween! Does such to get sick right before something fun :O( Hope you feel better!

  2. oh no!!! sorry it didn't start very well for you or end well. was that your first time around cats?

  3. @The Girlie Blog: Thank You! The DIY harness video should be up sometime, hopefully as soon as all the revisions are made (editing videos can get quite tedious....bleh O_o). Thanks for reading hun :)

    @Calia Yang: Actually, the odd thing is my sister had a cat before and I don't remember ever being allergic to it. However, this time it was pretty bad. It began as watery eyes, runny nose & sneezing and then that passed. Now I'm stuck with a sore throat and excessive coughing since then :( *Sigh*

  4. Sorry you weren't feeling good. Hope you managed to have some fun!

  5. You are very lovely!
    my name's martina and I come from Italy...if you want follow me!I wait you and your tips! kiss kiss ^^

  6. Love the necklace! Very pretty photos too doll! Loving your blog! xoxo

  7. @Nicole: Thanks hun! Let's just say that I did enjoy the company that I was with :o)

    @la mi: Graci! Graci! ;)

    @Taj Acosta: Your page is awesome as well sweetie! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  8. you look gorgeous as always girlie!


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