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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Does it really work?

Note: The boots featured will be a part of my "Closet sale for cheapo" later. Please stay tuned..


Our good and trusty ole' pal: VASELINE.

For years, we have been using vaseline for many things but did you also know that many women trust in vaseline to help promote longer, thicker and darker eyelashes? Many women have claimed that it helps to elongate their eyelashes. I have recently jumped onto the bandwagon and have been trying it myself for the past 3 nights or so and I do see a bit of a difference thus far. If you attempt it yourself, I'd love to hear the results! Please refer to links below for more information:
Before bed, I usually coat a very tiny amount of vaseline onto my lashes carefully not getting it into my eyes. As we get older, our eyelashes become more brittle and therefore prone to more breakage. Vaseline can help to restore the moisture in our eyelashes.

If you want to try for yourself but unsure, you can get more information below:

Read more info here:


and testimonials here:



  1. wow at that vaseline info! thats cooOOl!

  2. wow you're lashes look awesome! lovely boots tooo! x

  3. Oh your lashes are so WOWmazingly long! I'm so jealous! lol... Great tip girl =D

  4. Disclaimer: The lashes in the picture are not mine. They are just to emphasize my entry on eyelashes in general.

  5. I'm applying Vitamin E on my lashes every night, but I'm not sure if I can really see a difference...

  6. hey i do this too, but it doesnt make it longer or anything.. i just do it because i believe it will keep it healthy just like it does for lips and such! ps. nice blog


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