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Saturday, July 25, 2009

How far would you go?

How much would you dish out for the real thing when you can find exact replicas for much less the cost?

I'd say in this economy, imitations are the safest route!

p.s. - I'm still working on my closet sale for cheapo but I def have a lot of things to sell. Free bonus gifts to buyers with two or more purchases also. Don't miss out! Spread the word if you can :-)


  1. Those Burberry boots look amazing!

    I'm following your blog (=

  2. I think the MOssimo heels look just as fabulous as the designers brand if not more.

    I'd never spend hundreds of dollars on something that probably cost no more than $10 to produce (material, labor, shipping, etc). Especially when you have brands that makes such great replicas!!


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