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Sunday, December 20, 2009


Hi there Everybody. Oh-em-gee, I have been gone for quite a bit. Sorry for the lack of updates..I've been uber bizzzzzzzzzzzzz-ay! Anywhoodles, Has anyone ever tried Forever 21's nailpolish and/or Cream Bronzer? Well I have :-)

Well, the brand is called Love & Beauty and it is sold at F21 stores. I picked up one nailpolish and one bronzer and thought I oughta give em' a try. I have had this nailpolish on since Wed night and I took this photo today. Meaning there hasn't been any chips, or cracks in the paint for 4 days already! I am super impressed thus far!

Light Grey for $2.80

Moving onto Bronzers, I never really wear bronzers or blush but since I have heard so many raves about NYC's Sunny Bronzer, I knew I HAD to give it a try and for $2.99 a pop, I couldn't NOT try it. Well, let's just say this stuff is the bomb. This bronzer is cool cause it is not muddy, runny, and it def. doesn't feel caked on. I only put a small amt of it onto my brush and gently swipe it along the hollow of my cheeks. I bought this about 2 weeks ago and have been wearing it just about everyday. Sometimes, I like to pair it with a gentle pink blush on the apples of my cheeks :)

If I am not wearing a gentle pink blush with the bronzer above, then I like to pair it with Love & Beauty's creamy bronzer (from F21). These two work beautifully together. However, this bronzer below is cream-based so it IS a lot thicker in texture. Only a very very very light dab of the brush will do. You don't want it to be piled on the brush or else, it'll just look all sorts of crazy. This bronzer is a very pretty color but if any of y'all decide to buy it, remember that a little def does go a long way!

Swatches of the bronzers:
TOP photo is NYC Bronzer
BOTTOM photo is Love & Beauty's Bronzer

I'll be making a video pretty soon :-)

Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. OOH!! I love the bronzers!!! BTW - love the new look of your blog!!! ^_^

  2. Oooooh, the NYC bronzer looks natural. Can't wait to see you try it on.

  3. i had no idea F21 sold makeup, i gotta check it out! do they sell it online?!

  4. oooo i love that grey polish! i havn't tried f21 polish but i just might! :) btw - i love your header "nothing more beautiful than originality" - couldn't agree w/ you more!

  5. like the nailpolish color! I don't own a gray one yet, but now I'm thinking about getting one! =]

  6. Thanks for sharing your thought on this NYC bronzer! I should definitely give it a try (=

  7. That's cool, I don't think I've seen grey nail polish on anyone:)

  8. id neve thing forever21 make up would ever be good i need to try somee

  9. thank you, i hope you have a happy and prosperous new year! and i loveeeeeeeeeee that grey nail polish, i think i might have to search for one here in the uk! xx

  10. wow the bronzers look pretty, especially the second one.


  11. Great blog! I love all the pictures of the swatches. I really want to go out and try some new bronzers now! I'm putting a link to your blog in mine and hope you'll do the same. =) Thanks!


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