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Monday, November 23, 2009

Hair advice! Feedback Please!

New hair color and hair advice on bangs.

I've been wanting to try side-swept bangs for the longest time. I'm so scared to chop off my long bangs. Do you guys think I'll look okay with short side swept bangs?

Kinda like this (OMG! She's so gorge!!!! Ayumi Hamasaki!!!):


  1. girl - i say GO FOR IT!!! I did mine and they look fine. ^_^ IF it doedsn't look good - you can always pin it back or pin it to the side like me. ^_^ Also with you long hair - it'll go great!! go darker b/c it's fall season! ^_^ hehehe

  2. cut it =] I think it will look really cute on you!

  3. i love your hair colour! and you got great long hair! it looks so thick too which is a plus ;)
    in my opinion, try it out! a short side bang would look nice i reckon! and it would be a change too! if you don't like it, let it grow out and you'll know next time to have no bangs XD

  4. Love the bangs! The color is lovely, but it's so tricky. However, it feels so good to try new things though - Give it a try! I'm sure you'll look gorgeous!

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  6. Im so jealous of your hair!! :) You dont have a huge forehead like I do lol, so maybe longer side swept bangs would be better :)

  7. i think you'd look cute with side bangs! i've never met someone that's never looked good with side bangs though :) you should totally give it a try, and even if doesn't work out... hair always grows back! :D

  8. I've had my bangs for years and they frame my face really well but I'm trying to grow them out now and it's a bitch. I think you should try bangs out, it would look nice on you and like xphoebelinax says, I dunno anyone who doesn't look good with side swept bangs either. DO IT :)

  9. you have a great oval shaped face so either would look great on you. i love your hair btw!

  10. Your new color looks great and I think you'll look great with sideswept bangs. I'm planning on chopping off my long bangs too =]

  11. do what makes you happy. but in the end its just hair. it'll grow back. :D

  12. i like side swept bangs it will fram ur gorgeouss face=)


  13. You should take the plunge! The good thing is even if you don't like it, hair grows =)

  14. love the hair girly! the bangs would look bangin ;) go for it!

    and i'm not much of a drinker...anymore. so basically i can't tolerate strong drinks really but surprisingly the volcano was yummmmm :)

    thanks for the belated birthday wish!

  15. it'll go great!! go darker b/c it's fall season! ^

    agua bendita


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