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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Healthier Curls for your hair!

Hey Y'alls! Here is just a little review on the Conair Instant Heat Rollers. I use this now as an alternative to curling irons. I used to use the Conair 25-Instant Heat Curling Iron (both the 1in. & the 1, 1/2 in.) almost all the time! It eventually made my hair dry and brittle on the ends as does most other heat products thats placed directly on our fragile strands of hair. I've been very good at trying to get my hair back to a healthy condition. Along with my top haircare products (as mentioned in the below video), and a wide-tooth comb, my hair has been more pleasant to me than before. Every now & then, when I'm in a big rush, I will depend on my curling irons. Other than that, I'm loving these rollers. Not only does my hair have volume using these but my hair feels so much healthier and I can still curl it without feeling bad that its doing damage to it! Hurray :)

Gotta supply the picty's :)


  1. Hey hun! Thanks for stopping by my blog spot! Yours is totally awesome! K.I.T... Stop by mines when you have time! thanks love!

  2. I love hot rollers!! I need a new set..well, actually I have to use two sets because I have SO much hair!!

  3. Your hair looks good : shiny and healthy :p

  4. Your hair looks full. Beautiful pics.

  5. I always have problems with hot rollers, because basically Im not good with rolling my hair :((
    btw, beautiful pics :)

  6. I tried commenting on your new post, but it woudln't let me!!

    Glad to see your back! Looking forward to your "real post" this weekend. Oh! You should also enter my "Bring your A game" contest and you could win some Sigma Brushes as well! Not a whole kit, but one or two! ;)

    Also, I completely forgot to let you know yesterday...I tagged you in a post! Hope you enjoy mine and respond! http://nvbeauty.blogspot.com/2010/03/whats-in-my-shower.html


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