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Saturday, February 6, 2010

MUFE HD Powder, Benefit Get Even, Sephora Brush Cleaner, Charlotte Russe, and Flea Market Finds

Happy Weekend Everyone! This is Super bowl weekend!! What is everyone's plans? I am sure all of you will be super busy this weekend watching the game and all. I actually wish I was more into sports since I don't know a darn thing about it :(. My passion does not lie in that arena which is why I am so clueless when people ask me anything about sports! Ah well..

Here is a video on Makeup Forever HD Powder showing you what the hype is all about! Plus some other miscellaneous items I purchased that I wanted to share with y'alls!

Happy Weekend Everyone :)

Me and the cam..we're bonding ;)


  1. Yeah, I'm not that impressed with the Benefit products I've tried so far. =( I think their highbeam and blushes are nice, but so far, that's it.

  2. Hey love!
    Thanks for the lovely compliment-comment heh! <3 I'm now following your blog too :)

  3. I am really into football! I didn't used to be, but my husband got me into it.

    Your hair looks so full and pretty! I love it! And I love your key necklace. Lucky!!!!


  4. I wish I was more into sports, as well. I used to watch college football a lot. But I'm not saying I understood everything about the game!

    You look so sexy and seductive in this poses. I love the key necklace you got on. Is that a Tiffany's necklace? I saw the same thing somewhere else. Niiiice :p

  5. you are so beautiful! I have a same key ,but I can not wear,because my son take of all the tame...he like necklaces

  6. Hey girl, thanks for the compliment. YOu look absolute stunning yourself.

    I was never really into sport or football at least until this year. Somehow I'm very into it and excited about it. I guess because Bret Favre is in the Vikings. lol BUt I can't wait to for Superbowl. I'm more excited then my husband. Isnt that weird. hahaha

    Anyways, love your earring hauls. So jealous. hehehe BTW, where are you from then? I love flea Market but i don't live near any.. :(

  7. You look gorgeous! Love those model poses!

  8. glad u did the vid, everyone raves about mufe, now im running to buy it. lmao at the sticker quote. loving the bracelet. Omg cant believe it was a dollar!!


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