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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Date Night Outfit

Hi All......Just wanted to make a quick post on a date night outfit that I wore last night. My fiancee and I went out to dinner and a lounge afterwards and here is my OOTN.

Since I've been wanting to do more fashion posts in addition to my beauty posts, I was thinking this would contribute to that idea.

Hope you like and super thanks for reading/watching :)

Fiancee and I :)


  1. love your shoes! hope you and your fiance have a lovely valentines day.

  2. You both look cute! Were you guys on the way to go out for the night? Loving your hair!

    Oh I ended up getting all of those dresses. So expensive and it ain't even brand-name! Lol, oh well. I would love to see more fashion posts from you. :)

  3. aww you look so preety!!!thanks for commenting my blog...I couldnt decide...slit my wrist or hang myself...at dinner I saw a knife and instantly thought SLIT WRIST lol...lack of option ;)

  4. You two look so cute together! Love the outfit =)

  5. You two are so cute!! I love your shoes and your necklace! You are so pretty!!

    I hope you two had a great date!

  6. Aww 'hi' to him as well. Did you take pictures of your Valentines dinner date?

  7. O,first I have to say, you are so nice together! You are GORGEOUS!Sexy!

  8. lolz cute pics. I love your necklace btw :) how was the vals day for you two? I believe you had a great time together!

  9. How cute!!! <3 you guys are too adorable!


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