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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Top Hair Products (excluding Shampoo/Conditioner)

Hey Beautifuls!! How was everyone's Valentines? Mine was so so. Didn't really do anything romantic or out of the ordinary. Fiancee and I had plans but they were changed due to some last minute family planning. Then I got sick for the past 3 days so that surely didn't help at all. Bleh?!

I am hoping all of yours went better. DO SHARE!!

I would LOVE to hear the romantic/special/sappy/mushy gushy love things you all may have encountered. It helps remind me that V-day is still sacred and enjoyable for others as opposed to a hallmark holiday that I have come to believe it became :(


I've been waiting and waiting for my hair color to fade back to light and in the following photos, I can see the brownish hue!! woopty-doo!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

This is what my hair looks like after showered and air dried. It is actually a little more straight after showering but I slept in this hair :)


  1. Hope you're feeling better and then you can make up for V's day :) You have a lot of hair girl! It's nice!

  2. I'll have to try the V05 one... I've always skipped that brand for some reason!

  3. I loooove your hair! Sheesh, it's so long! :)

  4. awww sorry you vday was so so. you know - the only person i know that uses v05 is my dad. he uses the shampoo. but i might give it a try now!! hehehe

    vday was good - hubby and I spent good quality time with dinner and a movie.

    your hair looks really good in the pictures!! the color suits you!

  5. cute blog. you look really pretty. just became your follower.

  6. hey babe, ur hair looks amazing in these pics. It looks salon fresh! I love that feeling.

    sorry to hear about your v*day. hope u're feeling better now tho. on v*day me and my man went over to my sister and her fiance's house and cooked dinner. shared a few bottles of wine. it was nice until i ended up overindulging in the dessert. lol* had the worst stomach ache after that =P

  7. Gorgeous hair!

    My Valentine's was Ok.
    Cinema + dinner...Sean was at my parents :)

  8. Replying to your last comment about Ian Somerhalder on the girlie blog (http://thegirlieblog.blogspot.com):

    No, he had a very small role in the first episode of the season that is out now on LOST.


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