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Friday, October 9, 2009

3rd Giveaway! Enter Now!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Y'all! Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaways! Winners have been chosen and already notified. To those who have not won: don't fret - here is ANOTHER giveaway which is split into TWO PRIZES for more chances of winning. Yay :-)

Two winners will be chosen. Prizes as shown.

Contest is only open to U.S. Residents (sorry!). Ends October 14th at 5pm PCT.

Again, some products are used. Others are brand new.

1) Must be a follower
2) Comment with one lip product you love and why you love it so much. Also INCLUDE your email address so I can reach you if you are chosen
3) Post my giveaway on YOUR blog.

Good Luck everyone!


  1. hey girl
    im a follower and my favorite lip product is Revlon Matte Nude Attitude. I love it so much because it is the perfect nude lipstick.

    and I posted your giveaway here:

    my e-mail: sparklemidori09@gmail.com

  2. One of my favorite lip treats is actually plain mango butter, it makes them super soft!

  3. wow your so awesome having all these giveaways...
    id love to enter again, hopefully have the luck this time LOL ^_^
    so yeah

    -already a follower
    -love "stila lip glaze" it's stay shiney and it last for long even if i eat.

    good luck to everyone ^_^
    thanks sweetcheecks!

  4. hey girl!! hope you're doing well! can't wait to see your blog sale coming up!

    I'm already a follower and one of my MUST haves is MAC's dazzleglass (smile). i cannot go anywhere without it! i think i'm addicted to it actually LOL


    here's my post as well: http://misscaliayang.blogspot.com/2009/10/taste-of-originalitys-3rd-giveaway.html

  5. Hello :) Sure, I'll enter!!

    My favorite lip product is called My Favorite Lip Balm from C.O. Bigelow which is a Bath & Body Works brand. It's so creamy & smooth and pairs beautifully with any lipstick.

    email - lacywynant@hotmail.com
    blog - theblondebunny.blogspot.com

    Thanks Girl!


  6. Hey Heyyyy :)

    My favorite lip product is Pink Please - by Maybelline. I actually have never been one to wear lipsticks, HATEd them, thought htey were messy, gooey, and just not for me. They didnt even look good on me! THEN I came across Pink Please, and it is the perfect pink lipstick. Just enough color, very moist, goes on beautifully and stays on. Feels like I'm wearing chapstick, but looks gorgeous like lipstick. I think it works wonderfully with jsut about any skin tone. It really is the prettiest pink lipstick I have ever seen and used. And now I went from hating lipstick to carrying this one in my purse with me wherever I go! I love love love it! AND it ALSO is great to mix with other colors, you can turn into a hot pink if you add some red. Its just wonderful. I have nothing bad to say about it! :D

    email: dirtyjerseyhc@yahoo.com
    blog: http://veronicaxyz.blogspot.com/

    :)))) good luck everyone! <3

  7. Mines is CARMEX!!! I love it during the winter because it moisturizes my dry lips to the maxxx!



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  9. Hello!
    I'm a follower of your blog.

    I really love the Lip Sartinizer by Janet Sartin. It's so very moisturizing and healing. A little goes a long way.

    Thank you for entering me into your giveaway.

    JodiMof3 at hotmail dot com

  10. One lip product I love is NYX Black Label Volcano. The color just looks awesome on me. Just by itself without any gloss or anything srsly I love it. You know when a lipstick is one for you when it looks good on you sans any other makeup :D

    Blogged about the giveaway here: taste-of-originality-third-giveaway-3

    Email add: xoxochic16@gmail.com

    PS: you're totally sweet for hosting so many succesive giveaways really <3 Gives me hope lol :p Oh and you're coming to LA? Have fun here!

  11. posted on blog!
    my favorite lip product would be burts bees b/c i love the tingle feeling you alwasy get when you first apply. this lipbalm alwso seems to work really well on my lips for when they are chapped. I love the colors that some of them come in as well.


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