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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hi Everyone!

Okay so here is my EyesLipsFace.com (ELF) Haul (a combination of my first & second haul):

I am going to give a brief review about these from my own perspective. I bought these myself and there is no use going into detail about each product since you can find that on the website yourself. I am just gonna give you my pros/cons of each, a mini-description and if I will repurchase.

Eyes Lips Face Haul

UNDER EYE CONCEALER AND HIGHLIGHTER - This is supposed to help brighten up dark circles and awaken eye area.
PROS: Light, sheer, easy to blend, absorbs quickly. The highlighter can be used as a primer (I haven't tried to use it as a primer so I wouldn't know if it does enhance and make your eyeshadow last longer or not).
CONS: Doesn't really provide enough coverage to hide baggy eyes, dark circles. The highlighter comes with shimmer (so you might not like drawing attn to your dark and puffy eye area if you have that problem). The shimmer doesn't bother me though.
WOULD I REPURCHASE? Yes because I like the highlighter portion.

PEBBLE EYESHADOW - grayish brown hue
PROS: buildable, earth-tone color, work appropriate, isn't over-the-top, glides on smoothly
CONS: pretty sheer (noted in photo below) so it takes a couple of layers to get the color to show
Look how sheer that looks on my finger!

Excuse the brows..

SAND DOLLAR EYESHADOW - pearly white shadow
PROS: can be used as a highlighter, very pigmented and beautiful
CONS: no complaints here
Look at the color intensity down below!

COFFEE BEAN EYESHADOW - shimmery brown color
PROS: pigmented, not overbearing, buildable, work appropriate
CONS: has shimmer in it if you're not big on that
The color swatch actually looks more vibrant than "Pebble" on my finger. more pigmented than "Pebble" but this one has shimmer in it (Pebble doesn't)

PROS: the white and pink colors are true to color. very intense. very vibrant. only $1.00
CONS: the purple and blue shadows do not offer great color payoff
WOULD I REPURCHASE? DEFINITELY!! just because of the pink and white shades....

The white in here is gorge!

COMPLEXION PERFECTION - help radiate skin, eliminate redness, level out skin complexion
PROS: sheer, lightweight, attractive looking, tones down shine (but only for about an hour)
CONS: not long lasting, doesn't hide blemishes.
WOULD I REPURCHASE? I did but now wish i didn't. it's only $3.00 so it's okay :)

CORRECTIVE CONCEALER - conceal problematic skin blemishes, eliminate redness, balance skin tone
PROS: easy to travel with for a quick filler if you're in an emergency and need something quick
CONS: texture definitely feels cheap, not long lasting, doesn't live up to it's promise

EYE TRANSFORMER- help to change the color of your eyeshadows
PROS: does change the color of your eyeshadows, can be used as a highlighter, great for ppl who do not spend too much on eyeshadows (you can just transform your current ones into different shades)
CONS: changes eyeshadow color very subtly, even if used as highlighter - the colors aren't that vibrant

Experimenting with MAC Freshwater eyeshadow so you guys can see an example:

TRANSLUCENT MATIFYING POWDER - achieve flawless coverage, prevent shine by matifying skin
PROS: does combat shine, very sheer, lightweight, and easy to apply
CONS: shine is only eliminated for about an hr or so (mine at least), doesn't last long
WOULD I REPURCHASE? I did but now wish I hadn't. $3.00 though so it's okay. i will still use it!

That's all folks! Sorry for my spelling/grammar/punctuation mistakes. I am so beat (15 min til midnight and I've been up since 6am)! Need to get some rest. GOOD NIGHT.

p.s. The ELF studio line brushes are amazing. Only $3.00 each, doesn't shed, picks up color easily, and really really soft :-)


  1. oooohhhh.... ELF Love 'em specially the dollar cosmetics ^_^

  2. thanks for your comments! i really want to try some ELF products out now :D

  3. you know - i've never tried ELF products before - will have to go get me some.

  4. thanks for the review. i have never tried elf products but i might check out some of the eyeshadows.

  5. Wow you got a lot! I JUST got my eyebrows done after months feels amazing haha

  6. Great haul & mini reviews!! I want to try Sand Dollar!

    Please visit my blog at www.xmaterialgirlsx.blogspot.com

  7. Hello there, I just found you in my comments. Thank you so much for visiting my site. I'm definitely a follower now, I love to read about beauty/makeup products, since I don't know too much about that.

    Take care now, bye.

  8. You are so pretttyyy!! :D great stuff for sale! :D


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