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Monday, October 5, 2009

Hard Candy now at Walmart! O-M-G!! NEW Dupe for MAC's Close to Real Revealed!

If you haven't already heard, Walmart is now carrying Hard Candy Makeup Products! Oh-Em-Gee! I just read about it today at work and headed to Walmart straight after. I was on a makeup hunt and boy was I jubilant and giddy when I stumbled my obsessed crazed eyes on this new product line.

It's pretty neat I tell ya. There are only a couple of things I purchased. My absolute favorite item that I got from their line was their lipstick in #200 "Fire Alarm". It's an EXCELLENT dupe for MAC's "Close to Real" Lustre lipstick. The consistency of Fire Alarm is also similar to a lustre because it's definitely creamy and easy to apply with intense color pigmentation. It's a nude-y pink undertoned lipstick. I feel to best describe it would be to say that it's a hybrid between MAC's Myth and Close to Real lipsticks. I give this product 10 stars (out of 5)..haha! That's how much I love it that I had to over-rate it. And it's ONLY $6.00. Need I say more? $6.00 compared to $14.00? C'mon, it's a win-win situation. You can get 2 for less the price of one! Maybe next time around, I'll stock up :]

Watch My YT video for more info and prices (not sure if prices vary at different locations). I have also included my ELF purchase I made a while back and just received in the mail:

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  1. It looks good - might have to go check it out!! and pricing beats anything!! heheeh ^_^ and fire alarm looks like it might go well with me...love your ELF brushes!! ^_^

  2. walmart.... aright.. definetely will check it out on my next shopping there..

  3. I went to walmart yesterday & got the same blush...

  4. Yea, I've been hearing alot about Hard Candy at Walmart. I wonder if it's only the States though. Hopefully Canada is included! ^.^ Great blush and lipstick. I'll definitely get that when I see it!

  5. Hey girl!

    Head on over to my blog! I have tagged you to recieve a blogger award!


  6. Hi Hun,
    Thank for dropping by my blog <3
    Ah your hauls are awsome ^_^
    I love the hard candy cosmetics <3

  7. Oh, yea...I recieved your email that you sent me and I emailed you back ;)

  8. how do u like the concealer palette?

  9. hi may. i tried to go to your page to comment you back but unfortunately, the link is not directing me. do you have a proper link?

    the concealer palette you are referring to, are you talking about the complexion perfection or the translucent mattifying one?

    I find the complexion perfection does not do that great of a job in it's objective in reducing redness, evening out skin tone, etc. but its great for eliminating shine (temporarily)

    The translucent mattifying powder does set your makeup and leave no shine but after a couple of hours, the shine returns. still they were both $3.00 each so I can't complain. I even ordered backup just in case. i like them because they are light and easy to wear but you do have to keep reapplying because the shine will return.

  10. gorgeous!! thank you for the comment on my blog! Im glad you enjoyed my Kim is a Barbie post :)


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