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Monday, October 12, 2009

Clothing Haul..(accumulation)

Hey Y'all! Just a video on an accumulation of hauls..

My fashion taste has been changing and changing and changing with the world of fashion trends that come and go. I buy things that may be in/out of style but as long as I like it, that's all that matters :)

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Check out Lady Gaga BEFORE she was famous (Link at bottom of entry).
She was a contestant on the TV show called "Boiling Point". This is how she looked prior to her current strange and unique style. Click on the link below and play the video provided (she's the chick with the brown hair up and black tube dress)!


  1. wow! there might be a chance of bumping into u one day at the mall! i'm in san jose too! :) n i recently went to great mall either!

    anyways, this is a great haul! i love the shoes and the motorcycle jacket! they r chic! n the lip balm looks funny...i dunno. it's just too huge to be lip blam for me. haha

    cant wait to see ur nyx haul <3

  2. thanks for sharing about lady gaga!! that was pretty intereting to see - didn't even know her before she was famous!

    love the clothes! you've definitely got to make your own style even if others don't like it. ^_^

    loved the haul!! TFS!!

  3. lady gaga... is really strange.. unique but strange! I don't think she's a fashion icon anyway... :P


  4. HI! That leather jacket you got is like the same one that Sandy tried on at F21. I picked it out for her and she looked so good in it! Fit sooo nicely. It was lined with leopard print on the inside too! I think it might be the same or veryyy similar to yours. Too bad she didn't get it :( And the EOS lip balm is from drugstore.com! I did a post on it a while back! I wish I knew where the damn thrift stores are here!

  5. those are some cute outfits, and great prices too.. love 'em!

  6. is that really her! its pretty funny ^_^

  7. sounds cool to do lunch/makeup shopping!!
    i'm living next to cupertino (even though it's a SJ address) :] i ALWAYS go to Valley Fair, it's pretty easy to spot me there!

  8. hun check this out: http://hummysluvshubby.blogspot.com/2009/10/win-200-cash.html hugs!!! rhain

  9. WOW! Lady gaga looks SO different, and she is the first one to fail on the show haha & cute haul, loved all the prices! :)


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