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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mini Hair Product Haul & FYI on upcoming Blog Sale :)

Hi Everyone! Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend. I for one did not get as much accomplished as I wanted since I was busy all day today. (Sigh :-[ ).... But hopefully tomorrow I will have plenty of time.

Anyways, I wanted to do a little quick update on a small haul I got today. Pictures are provided as well as my Youtube video (Please subscribe to my channel: STN1218).

*Right Click on each picture and select "Open Image in New Tab" to see the full-sized picture

These items in the pic below are stuff I'll be giving away for free to ppl who purchase two or more items from my upcoming blog sale. So if you buy two or more things from my blog sale, YOU WILL get a free item(s). They are also all brand new :)

The first item I bought today is Batiste Dry Shampoo Blush (from Sally Beauty Supply). My hair has been going through this phase lately (I hope it's a phase) where after a couple of hours after I wash my hair, it begins to have this greasy-looking effect (maybe I play with it too much?? I dunno..). I can't stand that look and feel, so I needed something to aid my hair in between washes since I have read it's bad to wash your hair twice a day.

This is my hair BEFORE applying Batiste. My hair looks greasy and darker than usual. Btw, Don't hate me for my overgrown-out roots, I haven't had time to do my hair yet :-(

This is my hair WITH Batiste on there. DO you notice the white powdery substance on my hair? That my friend, is Batiste making its appearance :-)

This is my hair AFTER Batiste. Notice it is not greasy-looking anymore in comparison to the 1st pic above. I know my hair still looks chalky but it's actually not. It's refreshed, the grease is gone and you can see my highlights more. Can you tell the difference? I can ;-P

Down below is Mane 'N Tail Shine/detangling/heat protectant spray from Sally Beauty Supply. It also has Olive Oil Complex. I haven't tried this out yet.

Last is Grins & Giggles Baby Lotion by Gerber. I bought this at Big Lots also. This baby lotion smells so good (berry scent), is non-greasy, and absorbs very quickly. 3 pluses in my book. LOVE it.

That's all for now folks. Hope you all are having/will have a good and peaceful nights rest. After editing this post, I realize it's 6 minutes til midnight. Yikes! I need to hit the hay!


  1. I've always wanted to try dry shampoo. This one looks promising :)

  2. Great post, Batiste is amazing im always using it, You are right that washing your hair twice a day is damaging, its even damaging to wash every day as this strips the hair of its natural moisture in turn making it dry xx :D

  3. WOW, I haven't seen Batiste around before but now i MUST search for it! hahahhaha my hair gets greasy so fast, some days when i'm out with greasy hair i wish i brought along a hat with me LOL

    ahhhh this blogworld is dangerous, the more reviews i read the more things i want - so much for trying to put myself on a shopping ban! HAHA

    P.S i loveeee your vids miss, keep em' coming! you're soooo gorgeous :)


  4. Batiste woah that stuff is awesome :)
    I totally need one of that hehe ^_^

    Nice haul hun & can't wait to see your blog sale :D

  5. Aww that Batiste Dry Shampoo Blush looks amazing! I can't go a day without shampooing because me hair looks so disgusting -_- I've been looking for a good dry shampoo for a while! I might try this one out. Thanks for sharing! (=

  6. its a gift with purchase!

  7. i would be really interested in your blog.
    and that is the first time i ever heard anyone putting glitters in hair spray, but that is a good idea.


  8. omg bastiste is like magic in a bottle! i hate washing my hair daily but my roots get ultra greecy so this is perfect! thanks a lot!

    also, about that 'phase' for your hair, it could be from product overload, my hair does that soemtimes too, before you shampoo and condition w/ ur regulars, try a deep cleansing shampoo, i use neutrogena, it smells gross but totally does the trick!

    xoxo good luck!

  9. you pronounced my name perfectly :))) and thanks again for the contest! cant wait for your blog sale, pretty lady! <3

  10. I've never tried a dry shampoo before. I'll have to check it out soon. I absolutely love your hair, the color is gorgeous.

    The Hard Candy primer(I think it only comes with the e/s quint and they don't sell it on it's own) feels more like a face primer rather than an e/s primer because it's thinner than L'oreal de-crease or UDPP. My eyeshadow hasn't creased when using it, but it doesn't do anything as far as intensifying or enhancing the eyeshadow colors. So overall I don't think it's anything special :).

  11. great haul and can't wait for your blog sale!

  12. Great little haul! & awesome freebies you're giving with the blog sale. Too bad I can't buy any yet, don't own a credit card >.< But good luck with your blog sale!

    Please visit my blog at www.xmaterialgirlsx.blogspot.com

  13. oh wow thats amazing, dry shampoo? i must be really behind times!! that is like hi tech shampoo! hehe x

  14. I've been hoping to come by a great dry shampoo/hair powder because my hair is oily and I like to postpone washing my hair as often as possible. That is why I wash every other day or sometimes an extra day depending on the situation. I dislike washing my hair for various reasons, but then I hate when my hair is oily. I gotta try one of these! Please share your experience with the other hair powders. That first one looks very promising! I can TOTALLY see the difference! I also wanna try this one: http://us1.campaign-archive.com/?u=6be10d1bca608f5731d4a3040&id=6bc8cafc19&e=36b390b8e7

    I asked Sandy about Fly-by-Blu and surely enough she shed no insight at all on the pencil! LOL Silly Sandy. She wanted it too and she's been looking at the Cosmetic's Company Outlet but when we went they didn't have it :( I ended up getting it after the MAC make up class we took on Saturday though... and I LOVE IT!! It's really dark but still not as dominant as black! My new favorite!


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