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Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Favorite Lip Products!

Hi Y'all! So I have no idea why but I have been on a lipstick frenzy in the past month or so. Oh my gosh! Usually I'm a big fan of lipglosses but lately, I'm SO into lipsticks. The above and below are my favorite lip products as of recently.
**Mermaid by Too Faced Girls Dig Pearls retails for $18.00 and you can find it at Sephora. It's a gorgeous soft irridescent pink with TONS of reflective sparkles. This is Gorgeous! You must try this out the next time you're at Sephora! I swatched it once and next thing you know, I was at the counter paying for it ;-P

**Pink Whisper by Revlon varies in price depending on which drugstore you're at and where you live. I bought mine for $6.99. This is my favorite drugstore lip gloss (I have a backup to vouch for that) and it's a lovely gentle pink.
**Born with it and Pink Please by Maybelline are both pink-y, slightly mauve lipsticks. They are very smooth and definitely glides on easily. I wear them together and feel that they really complement one another. I bought mine from CVS for $5.99 but I think that was the sale price at the time. I believe on average they retail for roughly $6.99-$7.99?? They are so pretty and I like them so much that I even bought back-ups :)

**Close to Real by MAC is a BEAUTIFUL lustre lipstick. It is more smooth and sheer but has intense color payoff. It's a nude-y color with a pale pink undertone. This is a limited edition item so get yours before they run out while supplies last. The MAC mua informed me that MAC's Creme D'Nude lipstick has the most striking resemblance to Close to Real. Creme D'Nude is part of their permanent collection so if you miss out on Close to Real, you can try this one out!

**Myth by MAC is a true nude flesh-toned lipstick. This is a matte consistency and personally in my opinion, it's more drying on my lips. I can't wear this alone on my lips because it washes me out and dries my lips out. However, the color is a very nice nude so I had to have it. fyi: Make sure your lips are nice and smooth prior to applying so that you can achieve even coverage.

**Both retail for $14.00 at MAC

**Baby Pink (#100) by Barry M is a definite pale pink and it's more matte. It's a bit harder to blend the color in so that it doesn't look flaky but it's very pretty if you can accomplish precise application. fyi: Make sure your lips are nice and smooth prior to applying so that you can achieve even coverage.

**Palest Lavender (#129) by Barry M is more of a creamy lilac colored lipstick. It's TOTALLY lovely and comparable to MAC's Lavender Whip lipstick. It glides on effortlessly and I love it sooooo much! This is probably my favorite out of all the above mentioned. I wish I had another one of this :(

**Both retail for L4.25 which in USD is approximately $6.79 and you can find it at www.barrym.com

Last, I can't live without Burt's Bee's Lip Balm. I'm a huge fan of that minty and tingly sensation that it provides and my lips have gotten so used to it that it's a MUST HAVE everyday item. Without it, I'd be really upset. That's how much I need to have this product! This lip balm is about I believe $3.99 at most drugstores which can also depend on where you are located and purchasing from.

That's all for my rave of my fave lip reviews.

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  1. loving all those shades of pinks!! I wish I could wear pink - but it doesn't compliment me.

  2. cute lippies. i used to be more of an eyeshadow girl but now i love lipsticks.

  3. hey - I left ya some blog loving awards - come see what awards I gave ya! *hugs*

  4. Thanks for the mention! I so love your favorite lippies, we have the same taste in shades. =D


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